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TABIQUE was founded in 1997 with the aim of developing engineering services in multiple sectors. It set immediately to establish itself as a market reference company, evolving gradually and steadily to achieve each level of consolidation.

Opened almost two decades, TABIQUE intervenes in more than 10 countries on 3 continents, with excellence human resources based on the Portuguese Engineering knowledge and experience.

The focus on trust and Costumer support has been TABIQUE's performance philosophy. The loyalty and involvement achieved allow TABIQUE to interpret each Costumer as a priority process and get the necessary positive responses to their needs, via our employees, our great identity.

Engineering at people’s service, exercised with professionalism and sense of public trust, allows TABIQUE to face the future with confidence, fair accuracy and the professionalism of always.

TABIQUE: Engineering with signature.


To stand in the limelight of competence in the way TABIQUE provides every its services, through a strong technical expertise in the areas of intervention, as well as consolidating and strengthening its policy of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility in order to ensure a sustained growth.

Integrated Policy

Being aware of the importance of their activities into the market and society, TABIQUE SGPS, assumes the following guidelines:

Customer satisfaction by providing services that meet customer expectations, taking into account the regular requirements and applicable statutory.

Continuos training and development of employees and awareness of their "role" in the organization through a clear definition of responsibilities and permanent training according to the needs identified for its best performance.

Creating resources that allow the progress and sustainability of the organization through continuos service monitoring provided and economic-financial results of TABIQUE SGPS.

Continuos improvement of its processes and service through continuos study, elimination of deviation causes, with the establishment of expected improvements in the performance of each process.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations to our business, searching for the development of policies relating to quality, environmental and health and safety best practises.

Protecting the environement by preventing pollution, minimize environmental impacts and its developed activities.

Ensure the efficient use of resources, promoting the rational use of energy.

Ensure a safe and healthy work environment, as a condition for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.

Promote the awareness of employees to develop practises to improve quality, protect the environment and achieve higher standard levels.

Encourage the connection of employees between quality, the environment and safety and health.

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